Rob Elings

We do WHAT?!

Creatyz Design by Rob Elings Media Services (REMS) specializes in web design and development, but things don’t stop there.

We’re a full–service agency that will do whatever it takes to help you grow your business and your presence on the web. Looking to re-brand yourself? Need to chart your online strategy? Or increase your rankings in the search engines? Creatyz Design can do it. Just say the word and we’re on the job.

A good briefing, smart planning, hard work, transparency and communication will deliver the best possible website for you and the audience you’re seeking to reach.

Design? Strut your stuff!

Creatyz Design has been making its customers look good since 1992. Let us give shape to what is at the essence of your business and get your message across to your customers in ways that are relevant and rewarding. Use us for Web Design (from microsites to complex social networks), Setting up a Blog (using WordPress, installation and skinning/theming), Print Design (for all your flyers, business cards and all sorts), Identity & Branding (need a logo?), and E-commerce (using Magento, installation and skinning/theming, including payment gateways and logistics).

Marketing: Say it loud and clear…

Other than having a professional image on the web, it’s crucial that you provide great content and that people know about it. If you aren’t the greatest writer or if you haven’t mastered the arts of getting to the top of Google’s rankings, let us help you with: Copywriting for the Web , Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC), Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

Training: Get the most out of your web!

We love what we do and our passion really shows. Working with Creatyz Design is trouble-free yet thorough. As we walk you through the steps, rest assured that at every stage you’ll have as much input as you require. At any time you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your project and when things are about to go live, we’ll spend time training you in updating your very own site on your own after its release.

Get started, give us a call today.

You want a domain name and a place to host your site? We can handle that too.

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